Ask Nicely and I Might... Book Information

Six degrees of separation bridge the gap between the sane and the insane.

Alex Carlysle is a savvy homicide detective highly respected among her peers and on the fast track to make Captain. When her lover becomes the latest victim in a series of brutal murders, the investigation of the killings becomes personal for her. Not only has she lost the only man who ever understood her, but also catching the killer could be the break she has been waiting for concerning her career.

Jade on the other hand resides on the opposite side of the law, abiding by a different set of rules. Instead of enforcing the law, she is the thorn in its side. Motivated by an urge for revenge, she is a sexy enigma of a serial killer who taunts the police just for the pleasure of it while devouring her prey in the process.

As the hunter becomes the hunted, two women, both at the top of their game are destined for a head-on collision with each other. But the thrill of the pursuit is not the only tie that binds them; they are also both driven by blood shed and a chain of circumstances that began in the subconscious mind.

"Ask Nicely and I Might is a book unlike any I have ever read. It reads like novel poetry and takes you inside the mind of its characters. The main characters are Alex, a homicide detective and Jade, a possible serial killer who is sexy-evil, personified. The two play cat and mouse games throughout the novel. I recommend this thrilling, page turner to all who love suspense-filled novels that bring intrigue and heat."

—Angelia Menchan

"This book is amazing. I thought that the author did a great job fleshing out the characters and developing the plot. It got to the point where I could NOT put my iPad down. I had to keep reading to see what Jade would do next and how that would affect Alex. This book is funny, intriguing and just darn good! I would recommend it to my friends wholeheartedly."

—Cheryl Taylor George

"This book is very unique and in some parts strange in a good way. I thought Lorraine had a fantastic writing style. Her words are so poetic in nature that you feel like you're sitting in a smoke-filled cafe, sipping a beer and listening to poetry. The book has a very sultry and sexy atmosphere and from page one, Lorraine's talent thrusts you into the story."


"Ask Nicely and I Might by Lorraine Elzia is a daring, suspenseful mystery thriller that will hold the reader captive in its web of passion and intrigue. The intricacies of the story take the reader through unexpected twists and turns while exposing the old adage of `six degrees of separation' which unfolds throughout the story. This is an elaborate thriller that has you on the edge of your seat with trepidation as the novel concludes. This is hailed as one of 2010's finest and engaging reads."

—Shaye Gray

Carl’s murder was just the beginning.

I can’t explain it, but killing him made me feel self-confident and liberated. It was the fuel I needed to awaken a spider in me--a sense to prowl; to capture and to conquer prey in order to feel alive.

I had been weak for so many years. Killing Carl changed my sense of being a victim. His death, at my hands, gave me the power I had secretly craved for years; the power I never knew I needed, but apparently I did. As I played the police like a fine-tuned violin while they questioned me, giving them the traumatized wife routine, something within me felt instantly alive.

I loved the feeling his death, at my hands, brought to my entire being. For the first time in my life I was in control, I felt complete, and killing him was the key. Like a child attached to a pacifier, I knew I would need to suckle, from time to time, on the soothing relief murder gave me and the gratification it brought to my entire being.

I killed my husband.

I fooled the police.

In doing both, I opened a door I never knew existed, but one I wanted to cross through the threshold of from time to time for my own satisfaction and contentment.

It started with Carl and his piss-ant rain. From that moment on, I was never the same for I had tasted the feel of blood and…to be honest…I liked it.