Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil

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Thirty Days to Damnation

Blake Nelson sits on death row in a prison in Huntsville, Texas awaiting his impending date with destiny in the execution chamber courtesy of his conviction for the murder of his wife Nichole. Having exhausted the appeals process, Blake has lost all hope of ever being a free man and accepted the reality that he will die by lethal injection for a crime he did not commit.

As the days count down closer to his father’s execution, Blake’s young son, Brent, calls a late night radio show out of desperation, hoping that the host can use her celebrity status to help free his father from the perceived inevitable. Vivian Bennett is the host of a pillow talk radio show that specializes in discussing current events mixed with sexy banter for amusement of her listeners. When she hears the pleas of the young boy over the airwaves, she cannot resist at least listening to his father’s version of the murder or the added bonus of having the opportunity to exclusive rights of interviewing him during his final days before execution.

Through instant messaging, set up via a restricted connection from his jail cell directly to her studio, Blake gives Vivian details of his wife’s death and his life behind bars. The two converse through seductive key strokes which are read live on air with Vivian’s cohost speaking Blake’s words so that her radio listeners can hear the exact words of the accused man.

As the days tick away, Vivian’s connection with Blake becomes stronger as she hears his tale of: his wife’s final days before committing suicide and framing him for murder, his ensuing trial, and his day-to-day life as a dead man walking on death row. What starts out as a means of boosting ratings for her radio show soon becomes personal for Vivian when she finds herself not only believing in Blake’s innocence, but falling in love with him as well.

Vivian calls in favor after favor to an advocacy group who fights against capital punishment, and she is relentless in begging them to help her save the man she loves. But even with their expertise, it’s an uphill battle and a race against time as to whether anything any of them do will be enough to prove Blake’s innocence before it’s too late and his damnation is sealed.