— JANUARY 11, 2011 —
“The Heat of the Night” Anthology – Lorraine Elzia

Le Boudoir excerpt:

I sat perfectly still as I was instructed to do. Geneive had a way of dominating not only my mind, but my body with simple eye moments and pure sexual will. Mentally I hated myself for being such a willing slave. Physically I welcomed—no NEEDED—to relinquish myself through submission to her commands. Sheer anticipation of the treats she would surrender unto me for my good behavior was motivation enough for me to do as I was told.

“Keep it hard, but not too hard.” She whispered as I watched her hands make whimsical, but flowing, caresses from her brush. I mimicked her strokes on to the canvas with my own strokes to my erection. Slowly, yet precisely; just as I had seen her do with her brush. Good foreplay can’t be rush; neither can seduction if it is done right. Geneive taught me that. Life imitates art; and I was the star pupil in her class.

Hues of brown and black paint flickered freely into the sultry air inside her boudoir as the heat of the night began to drench my entire body. I’ll admit it. I loved the sticky feeling enveloping me and the sweaty smell emanating from both our bodies. The aroma of anticipated lust can be intoxicating; and I was becoming drunk in the moment. Her legs seem to have a mind of their own in uncontrollably spreading wider and wider as she became spellbound in her mission of immortalizing me through portrait. In between my strokes up and down and down and up, I stared. I admired. I longed to be inside the warmth that resided between her sugary thighs.
“You keep a well-trimmed garden, just like I like it.” I managed to say without breaking my rhythm or hers.

She bit her bottom lip while concentrating on getting the perfect movement of the brush to capture my manhood; our eyes danced in unison of lovemaking that only two naked bodies admiring one another can do—without touch.